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***Please Note, our mid-week rides are currently postponed until Spring 2018***


If you would like to sign up for a Club ride before you purchase a membership, please do so by clicking the below button and filling out the form:






Mid-Week Rides:


We will have a ride every week in the following format:


  1. ​​A Green (Social) ride - max 25-30mi, max 1500ft with an average speed of 12-14mph
  2. A Blue (Challenging) ride - max 30-40mi, max 2000ft with an average speed of 14-16mph
  3. A Red (Challenging) ride - max 30-40mi, max 2500 ft with an average speed of 16+mph

​The speed on these rides may vary slightly to cater for the different needs of the group on the day and the terrain in which the ride will take. All rides are no drop so no-one will be left behind. Green group will ride as a pack but the other groups can ride ahead and wait for the rest as required (for example when riding up a hill).


Meeting points will be:


  • Rickerby Park - CA3
  • Richard Rose (Morton) - CA2 6LB
  • Carlisle Racecourse - CA2 4TS
  • Rosehill (ATS) - CA1 2RW

​The route, meeting place and level will be available on our calendar (for club members) or by speaking to our Welfare Officer for non-members. Meet for 1815, a briefing at 1825 and set off at 1830 prompt.


The mid-week rides will predominatly be on a Wednesday, however, this may change week on week to accomodate inclement weather. Please check which day the ride will be on if you are signing up for a Try Ride.


Weekend Rides:


We will have a monthly ride on the last weekend of every month (open to Club members only) in the following format:


  1. Social ride - max 50mi, no more than 3000ft, no max speed
  2. Challenging ride - 51+mi, no max elevation or speed

​The route, meeting place and level will be available on our calendar for club members.


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